Company at a Glance

As a leading Cattle Feed producer in India, with a production capacity of 2000 Tons of cattle feed per day, Kapila Cattle Feed, was established in the year 1991.

We are renowned manufacturer of cattle feeds, who believe in quality delivery at right time and place. This feed is especially prepared for buffaloes & cows considering their high level of fat and protein requirements.

We have introduced a completely balanced feed into the market named Kapila Cattle Feed. Experienced nutritionists help in formulating this cattle feed through which we seek to enrich the lives of farmers who rear cattle. We produce the best quality cattle feeds available in the market. It enhances the fat and SNF (Non-Fat solids) in milk. Kapila Cattle Feed cattle feed is rich in protein, minerals & probiotics. It is easily digestible & prevents acidosis. It gradually increases milk yield without causing stress to the cow.

These feeds is prepared according to the standards given by Indian Government with I.S.I. Feed II type quality. We have achieved the leadership with our core values of caring, team work and producing quality products because we believe ‘Quality speaks itself’. The company is having an ultra modern laboratory, research and development and quality control department in its premises. Highly qualified technocrats head these departments.

The productivity of an animal largely depends upon the quality of feed and Kapila Cattle Feed provides best quality feed. Our cattle feed is tested at every level from production till packaging to keep a tab on its nutritional value. We provide our customers with the finest quality cattle feed at the most reasonable prices.

The raw materials for manufacturing of finished products are procured from the non polluted and healthy suburbs areas. We focus mainly on customer satisfaction and follow sound business policies and transparent transactions to become an ideal sourcing destination for all kinds of animal feeding products. We conduct a variety of quality checks to offer clients with the most attractive offers and decent deals.

Reasons to Choose Kapila Cattle Feed

We offer cattle feed products, which are thoroughly hygienic and safe for cattle. Products we supply are manufactured from the finest quality raw materials. Some other features of our company, which has helped us in achieving this height of success are as follows:

  •   State-of-art technology
  •   Stringent Quality norms
  •   Experienced professionals
  •   Fully equipped R&D unit
  •   Assured supply at minimum cost
  •   Qualitative range
  •   Timely delivery of safe and quality food products to all our customers
  •   Ultra modern technology which helps in producing a high quality product
Quality Policy

At Kapila, we are committed to our attitude towards quality and customer service. Quality is not just another goal for us, it is our basic strategy for survival and strength for future growth. With an ISI and UKAS certification, Kapila Cattle Feed is engaged in practicing safe and hygienic waste disposal and recycling processes, besides nurturing a strong community environment policy. Our employees demonstrate high quality practices across the entire business cycle, thereby being instrumental in the safety and quality commitment of the company. Our entire product range is manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and confirm to requirements of the clients. We have an in-house quality control check department that ensures the quality required to meet the criteria for durability and safety. Our complete supply chain adheres to quality standards followed worldwide.


Kapila Cattle Feed is one of the largest cattle feed manufacturer company in India with ultra modern infrastructure. Our well equipped labs ensure that the best raw materials are utilized to produce an end product of the highest quality.

We have modern manufacturing facility, which comprises of advanced technology based state-of-the-art production machinery. The manufacturing plant has high installation capacity to meet the emerging demands of the markets.

Some of the efficient machines installed at our unit are:

  •   Stitching machines
  •   Sealing machines
  •   Weighing balances
  •   Automatic form filling machines
  •   Storage plant

Benefits of Feeding Kapila Cattle Feed

From the traditional feeding practices it was observed that animals do not get all the required nutrition for efficient milk production, body maintenance and better reproduction. Therefore, milk producers are suggested to feed their animals with Kapila Cattle Feed which will lead to:-

  • Increase in milk production

  • Improvement in health of animal

  • Improvement in fat content of milk

  • Regularisation of reproductive cycle and animal coming to heat at regular interval.

  • Improvement in Immunity of animal

  • Prevention from metabolic diseases and deficiency syndromes.

Our Valuable Clients

Our products are full of minerals, vitamins, salt and protein with high nutritional value. By combining our resources and expertise with the strategy pattern, we have achieved product development objectives and successful completion of quality health formulations and products. Our satisfied customers are based in different states of India some of them are: Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, West Bengal, Maharastra, Orissa and Assam.


We have a solvent plant that makes a very important raw material to use in cattle feed which is known as DORB (de-oiled rice bran). main reason to install the solvent plant was to get good quality of raw material and maintain the goodwill of kapila cattle feed in market and secondly to avoid purchasing overpriced raw material from market which would have made cattle feed expensive, which will directly affect the costumer's pocket.