Our Products

Kapila Dairy Special (By Pass)

  • Contains By Pass Protein & Fat to increase the absorption of fats & protein.
  • Contains 3.5% Fat, 25-28% Crude Protein and other minerals.
  • Kapila Dairy Special (By Pass) is beneficial for cows of foreign breed.
  • Recommended for any dairy breed of average weight yielding large quantity of milk.

Kapila Balanced Feed

  • Manufactured according to ISI standards.
  • Contains 20% Crude Protein, 2.5% Fat, 70% Total Digestive Elements, 8gm Calcium, 5gm Phosphorus and other Minerals, Salts & Vitamins.
  • Contains Crude fiber less than 12%.
  • Recommended for breeds yielding 5-10 litre of milk daily.
  • Available in Pallet and Mash.

Kapila Super Pallet

  • Recommended for breeds yielding 10 Litre of milk every day.
  • Contains 20-25% Crude Protein, 3% Fat and 75% Total Digestive Elements.
  • Feed contains less than 8% Crude fiber.
  • This feed is manufactured keeping in view the interest and benefits of Indian farmers & dairy producers.
  • Available in Pallet and Mash.

Kapila buffalo Special

  • The Buffalo Special is the feed that is manufactured in such a way that preserves the basic fat and protein content of the natural milk.
  • Contains 5-5.5% Fat, 25-30% Crude Protein and other Minerals in large quantity.
  • The nutrient content is made available in the feed using the natural raw material.
  • The Cost of this product is quite nominal and the usage result is positive.
  • Available in Pallet and Mash.

Kapila Hi Pro

A feed that has just right amount of protein (24%) and fat (4%), Manufactured under International Organisation Standards. It is made of completely natural products that will help your cattle to give milk to its full potential and remain healthy for longer period of time.